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Default What Jeep Model was part of an Army Weapons System?

Named after a US Congressman.

Only about 50+/- were built.

Bonus Points: Why was production stopped?
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M38A1"D" Production Units
This M38A1 "D" model shows a manufacture date of April 1955 with a serial number of 83752. The original hood number is 2A 5770 and both serial numbers are present. Only 50 +/- of the "D" models were produced and converted. Much like the M170, an extra spring leaf was added and the spring hanger has the reinforcing strap. The original Detroit Arsenal Data tag (XM28) remains present on the jeep. TM9-1000-209-12 also shows the proper placement of where the tag resides on the gun carriage. The glove box is stenciled Autobahn 40, Cities 25, Others 35. Under the metal covers which take up the rear seat area are two of the atomic projectiles (dummies of course).

For a time in the early portions of the Cold War, military planners anticipated that atomic weapons might be used in large scale conflicts of the future. Both the Soviet Union and Unites States worked on tactical use of atomic weapons, made possible by the miniaturization of nuclear components. In 1950, a 280MM atomic cannon was developed in the United States, as were later close support weapons such as the Honest John and the Davey Crocket.

Named for the famous Tennessee frontiersman, US Congressman and martyr of the Alamo, the Davey Crocket consists of a 279MM atomic projectile fired from a 120MM recoilless gun. A fixed round charge of propellant and a separate piston could launch the approximately 1 Kiloton-Yield projectile to a range of 2000 meters or just over 1.25 miles.

By the late 1960's, the limitations of the Davy Crocket were recognized and it was withdrawn from the military arsenal.

This vehicle was acquired in 2000 and subsequently endured a frame-off restoration to bring it back to it's glory as one of only a few production units. Congratulations Bill!

120MM Davey Crocket Weapons System M28, including M29 20mm spotting rifle

2 ea projectile, 279-MM, Atomic, XM388
2 ea piston, 120-MM, Launching, M5
2 ea charge, 120-MM, Propelling, M92E2
20 ea cartridge, 20-MM, Spotting, M101

Mount, telescope, M117
Telescope, elbow, M107

Gun elevation, 10-25 degrees
Minimum right, 30 degrees
Maximum right, 44 degrees
Gun elevation, 10-25 degrees
Minimum left, 90 degrees
Maximum left, 180 degrees

Two (2)

To assist in red

You can come up with something harder than that!!!!
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Your right, too easy. I "worked" on the B54 bomb that was used in the Davy Crockett. This was after it was used in the Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SADM). It was a "dial-a-yield" weapon that ranged from 20 tons to 250 tons of TNT. The range you found for the Crockett was using the M28 light launcher (120 MM) capable of 1.25 miles. There was also a heavy launcher, the M29 (155 MM) capable of 2.5 miles. Due to this short range, the yield could not be any larger or the firing crew would not be protected. It was also not very accurate. This was the main reason that it was determined to be ineffective and taken out of the inventory. It also happens to be the last US atomic weapon exploded above ground. This occurred in test shots Little Feller I and II in Nevada.
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If you don't know where you are going, you may not get there. Yogi Berra
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