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Old 08-09-2015, 04:05 PM
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Default 55 Mile/West Fork Loop 08Aug15

We met up with Ole from Arctic Offroad at the trail head a little late around 8:30 am. I stopped at Badger gas to top off and I hear "nice jeep, that's pretty bad@$$" yeah I'm kinda use to it so I say thanks. But I know I have heard that voice before. Then he starts telling me how bad@$$ and hard core his Toyota is and I take a better look at him and it's one of the tweaker brothers from the AK ORW show. So I just go in pay for gas and grab a few snacks for the trip. He keeps trying to talk to me following me around telling about his Toyota, asking me questions about who built mine. Tell him I did, I do all my own fab work, I end up just going, " yeah I learned a lot when I was working with Carl. He's like Carl? ahh Jantz? I said yup, that shut him up pretty fast. From there I had stopped to kick Dave Frank out of bed to ride with me, since he seems not to be able to fix his CJ's radiator. haha guess what he had planed for the day? Started at 55 Mile CHSR and even with how rutted out the trail is. It's getting fun again. It took us 17 min to make it to the top. I had spent a day out there about a month ago cutting back brush, but it still needs some more love. He had it easy with his wheel base on that hill where I had to work it a bit, even with the YJ wheelbase stretched to just under 100". At the top they asked us to lead since they hadn't been up this way before. Made our way across the ridges and even saw a caribou. At some point something ripped all the wiring for the rear pass side so not tail lights and every stop from there on some said " you have a light out" yeah funny.. Once back in the trees it was Ole having to work it to maneuver around the trees. Trail is pretty over grown, but manageable. We only had to remove one fallen tree from the trail. At the slough near King Creek he played pinball between the trees and had to take a drop in where I was able to go the normal way. None of us saw it coming when he got hung up on something that was under the dirt, as soon as he gave it gas the truck sunk and died. I ran winch to him, lifted the Ford about 5 inchs then pulled me to him. We ran his to some trees in the woodline and got him got but he had to get wet. A hour or two of pulling plugs, dring them, draining water from oil and making a makeshift air filter and we where on our way out. The rest was pretty simple, a few deep holes while criss crossing the west fork.

Moe photos on facebook.com/holeproof4x4fab

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