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Old 08-05-2015, 10:53 PM
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Default Holeproof4x4Fab Project Arctic MJ

I guess it is about time to start this build thread with all the questions we have been getting. It started with us getting 2 Jeep Comanche MJs from a guy in a local 4by club. Both were in pretty sad shape at the time. One we rebuilt and the other we made into a trailer that Im sure some of you have seen. We have since sold the trailer to help finance the rest of this build. More specs to come as the build progresses..

We did the first stage of the build a few years ago with the help of some amazing companies.

Worked as a parts getter and did some great wheeling with Dana 30/44 combo on 33" MTRs with Staun beadlocks, but now we want to go bigger.

We we are going to put 37" tires on, but are using 40" for the mock up to get ruff ideas. Would like to end up running 40"s at some point though.

We are able to use our bending software to design a new front bumper.

1988 MJ
inline 4.0L with HO head & intake from 96
NV3550 5 speed
NP 203 w/ HDSYE
Ford HP 60 front (4.10)changing to 4.56
Dodge 70 rear (4.10)changing to 4.56
Holeproof built bumpers and bed cage.
Superwinch Epi9 w/ Viking Winchline
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Old 08-06-2015, 12:02 AM
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Join Date: Jun 2015
Location: North Pole Alaska
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So a lot has been going on with the Arctic MJ Project. We are working on at least a dozen builds or installs at once on this truck. Parts are starting to slowly roll into the shop and we are busy making new contacts for other products to include in the build. The Hessco TPS adapter to use the HO intake on the old Motor is waiting to go on. We still seem to have an intermittent fuel pump/relay/wiring issues to work out. The Dana 70 rear is in and driveshaft hooked up. We will either have to move the axle back a little or cut down the drive shaft some. We will wait until everything else is done first. Once its dialed in, everything will be welded up. The 70 is open with 4.10s. We have Locker and 4.56 for the front so we are trying to come up with 4.56 and locker for the rear as well. Waiting on some disk brake mounts from RuffStuff.

With the rear axle in place and the truck able to move under its own power, we moved it to the larger bay. We proceded to pull the bent and broken Dana 30 out. From here we started planning how the Ford HP Dana 60 would fit under there. It is open and loaded with 4.10 stock gears. We have a set of Yukon 4.56 gears, master install kit and a new Zip air locker, as well as some Yukon Hardcore locking hubs. Stripped the axle of its brackets and trimmed the drivers spring perch to make room for the new coil mounts. We decided to use some Balistic Fab combo mounts we had lying around, otherwise we would have chosen to use RuffStuff mounts. The new mounts are more centered on the axle tube where the stock ones were forward of the tube. This will move the axle somewhat forward, hopefully keeping the 37-40" range tires from eating the rear of the fenders. Being a High Pinon we set the caster at around 3-3.5 pos and still had a pretty good pinion angle without having to cut and rotate the knuckles.

Slid the stripped axle under and continued to clean front end up.

While not getting dirty in the shop I was designing bumpers and rock sliders in our bending software. These were quick ruff ideas which i'm sure will change as the build progresses.



Side rock sliders.

About now I am pretty tired of crawling around on the shop floor and tripping over tube so I knock out some stands.

The front bumper was done a few years ago but I had some ideas to improve it. It was fitted with a Superwinch EPi9.0 winch with Viking Winchline, as well as some PIAA lights. Found some tow hooks laying around and added those. I contemplated cutting it all up and moving it back closer to the grill but ultimately left the base alone. The aluminum fairlead is a Holeproof fairlead we designed a few years back and had Spidertrax run a batch for us.

Added the side bracing. Never had an issue but I want to be sure if we take a hard hit on the side that it will hold up. Another benefit is we would be able to Hi-Lift off the sides now. The next bar planed isn't pictured but will run from the main bar down to the sub-frames core support. This will give the main structure for a new front skid.

Took a break from the fab work to remove all the decals and badges from the comanche. Been getting a little excited to start the paint prep. We are planning a whole new color scheme to match the Arctic MJ name. After removing the tailgate decals, I ordered some new Jeep logo stickers in reflective black as well as some "MJ" decals.

Just around this time the ARB air compressor & RE long arm kit was delivered. We picked a compressor that not only will operate the new Yukon Zip air locker but also inflate the tires after a run but wont be enough to run air tools.

I started on the rear bumper. The stock one was removed and added to the MJ trailer I built. I loved that thing but had to sell it to help finance this Project. I wanted to do something different with the rear from anything I have seen before. Started with 1.75" .120wall DOM and bent it to wrap around the corners. It seems a bit high now but I still may trim the rear quarter panels or add some tube lower. plus the rear wheel wells haven't been touched at all yet. 1/8th" plate to fill the gap. Drilled holes using hole saws rather then the plasma and used dimple dies to add some flair. haha.. I have the flair holes facing upward for traction when stepping on the bumper rather then inward like most do. The 1/8" was much harder to flair then I thought it would have been and in retrospect I most likely didn't need to go so think. Better overkill then sorry. Added a 2" receiver hitch under with some gussets.

The rear bumper is no where close to being done.
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Old 08-06-2015, 12:03 AM
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Join Date: Jun 2015
Location: North Pole Alaska
Posts: 9

I still have plans to wrap a skid down and under the back of the bed. We have been very busy with shop and customer work as well as keeping our YJ trail ready for weekend trips to try and stay somewhat sane. I plan to keep this tread going on here, but for more up to date progress feel free to add and follow our facebook page at facebook.com/holeproof4x4fab.

We removed the frame control arm mounts to make room for the long arms. We found the best way to do this is drill into all the spot welds then use an air chisel. Of course the plasma cutter came in handy as well. Ground everything smooth and welded any areas that might have been gouged, then grind smooth once more.

Some of the extra metal removed to fit the Rubicon Express long arm kit.

he long arm crossmember was a lot more work then we had anticipated. In part was all the extra bits and bracing the MJ has that the XJ does not. As everything started falling into place it became apparent that the arms were longer then expected, pushing the front Dana 60 more forward then planed. The had us rethinking our mounts and if we could even fit normal size coils. We have decided to go with coil-over shocks, but have not decided what brand or spring rate yet.

The High Pinion 60 is BIG, arms com close to the pinion yoke. If you look close at the Rubicon Express upper track-bar bracket it is dead center over the axle with the need to move the housing so far forward.

Making templet to beef the pass upper mount, which will also flared holes with the dimple dies. We plan for some sort of a truss as well but type and design has not been decided as of yet.

We would like to thank Red and Yukon Gear & Axle for all of the support they have given us over the years. This will be one bad @$$ Comanche when we are done thanks to them. Yukon offers only the best axle parts around and we wouldn't recommend using anything else. They have contributed more then any other single company.

4.56 gears & master install kits for both 60 & 70
Yukon Hard Core Hubs for the 60
Yukon Zip Air Locker for 60
Eaton Detroit Locker for 70
Yukon chromoly axle shafts for the 70

That's a lot of awesomeness right there. RuffStuff Rocks and they are another of our top contributors. We use products anytime we can. Quality is second to none and parts fit every time without issue ad there is never th need to grind or clean up any of the stuff they send.

RuffStuff Diff covers are amazing

Great thing about 70 rear & 60 front. Same rock-killing RuffStuff covers. Nice huge reinforced fill plug

Ruffstuff XJ frame stiffeners are going to take some engineering to fit with the Rubicon Express crossmembers.

RuffStuff Specialties steering kit. We got extra tube to be sure there will be enough for whatever crazy ideas we come up with.

RuffStuff Specialties Dana 70 weld on disk brake mounts. New rotors & calipers from any parts store or have us get you a complete kit.

Out of these 5 Goodyear 37" MTs two were brand new. Sadly one of the new ones had a 3-4 inch cut in the back sidewall.

I'm not a fan of BFG tires for Alaskan use. they are outstanding elsewhere but we have seen lots of issues in the extreme cold. However I hope a few more of these find there way to our door.

37"on double beadlocks mounted on rear before trimming.

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