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Just because I may know a thing or seven thousand eight hundred and fifteen about this combination, I will say this. I have changed a lot of flexplates on Jeeps before. The 360's like to eat them. But it also sound like ping to me, It can echo throughout the drivetrain, change the timing, see if it makes a difference. And for knowledge a chrysler trans is always turning the pump, the pressure relief valve is held open until the trans is taken out of park,

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When he's talking about the bendix it is.. well, the starter gear is 'attached' to a ring and a spring and a thing the fork hooks to and an end piece that kinda pushes it all together with a C-clip at the end. HA now I know it's hard to picture if you've never taken one apart but we had two that had the same problem.
The end piece wears and then the C-clip will fall through it so the gear isn't held back with the spring. The gear then can engage whenever it wants. It was bouncing off the plate the whole time and is very hard to diagnose exactly where if you haven't seen the problem before. You can tell right away from a broken starter cause you can move the gear back and forth where is on a good one it will be held back by the C-clip and cannot engage without power.
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