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Default Rig requirements

Fairbanks Offroad Lions

Please read this, all member will be checked at the start of any ride and you must meet the min requirements or be turned away from participating.

Requirements for Jeeps, Trucks, ATV's, Buggies...
Here is a list of equipment the Fairbanks Offroad Lions requires each member to physically possess in their rigs during any trail ride.

1. Seat Belt or Racing Harness

2. Recovery Strap (not the cheap one with the metal hooks)

3. FRS or CB (FRS stands for Family Radio Service and is the 'new' walkie talkies)

4. Full Size Spare (tire plug kit is usefull)

5. Recovery Points You must have front and rear recovery points. (Yes the rear hitch can be used.)

6. Battery Tie Down (make sure it's not gonna fall out or bounce around.)

7. Jack and Lug wrench (There's no use having a spare if you can't put it on. Everyone doesn't need to have this but you need to know that someone will be carrying one to lend you.)

8. Fire extinguisher

9. Rollover Protection meaning a rollbar or metal roof. (If you have a Jeep with a soft top on it you have to have a roll bar.)

10. First Aid kit

11. Working lights. This includes brake lights.

12. Helmet for ATV's

Here are some of the optional / recommended equipment.

1. Tools, if something breaks it would be nice to fix it and keep going.

2. Tree Saver and or shackles

3. Bug Spray

4. Axe / Saw / Shovel
No we are not tearing up the environment but sometimes there's a fallen tree on a trail that needs to be cleared or a stray Jeep or two that needs to be dug out of a mud hole.

5. Winch

6. Food/H2O

7. Air Pump

8. Parts (axles, joints, who knows...)

Trail Etiquette
Here are some common sense rules and with a couple not so common that members and guests need to abide by to participate in any club runs and events. If you break them then we'll slash your tires and leave you in the wilderness covered in honey for the bears. Just joking, don't break the rules and there are no consequences. Plain and Simple.

1. No drinking or drug use is allowed while on the trail. That means for you and your passenger. You will not be allowed to continue on the run if found to be intoxicated.

2. All members and guests should abide by Federal and State laws at all times.

3. Drive responsibly. This is not the Baja 1000. If you want to jump your rig head on into a tree, do it on your own land.

4. Respect one another and the surrounding environment and wildlife.

5. If you bring it in you take it out.

6. Never leave anyone behind.

7. Travel only on designated or legal trails.

8. Turn your lights on! It would be nice if the guy in front of you disappears through some trees to see some lights before you smack into someone's rear bumper.

9. Have fun!

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