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Well I was up until 2:30 this am getting ready so I could leave at 9-10 but everything and anything to slow the process happened so here I sit at a flagged 20 miles south of Healy. The joy! Mike is about an hour ahead of me and Jason is about 3 hrs behind me. Sammi Mike and Sosh are scheduled to leave tomorrow am. Saw a cow with a little baby in tow right outside of Nenana, there also must have been a big motorcycle rally because I've seen over 100 bikes so far, and ofcourse droves of terrorists! It is absolutely beautiful out! Not a cloud in the sky and 80 out! What a great weekend for a offroad event! I hope we are as blessed in two weeks when our Rally comes around! It's still not too late for folks to go. I will keep you posted as signal permits.
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