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Default Charter Banquet

WOW!!!!!!!!!! What can I say... the night was a great success thanks to all that helped put it together!!! The whole night was alot of fun, we made some good friends in the Lion community, did VERY well with contributions and the silent auction. It all really hit me as we all stood there and took our oaths and were sworn in. We have really created something BIG here and with the support from both within and from our Lion brothers and sisters we are going to be quite the club. Otis leaned over to me and said " Wow Cory, just think what this will be like in a year or two". He is right, the club is going to grow and prosper very rapidly from here on out I think and we have alot of great things in our future! In speaking to some of the other clubs that approached me last night I was told things like... "You have a great group of people here", "This club is going places", "We've NEVER have had a club organize and get things rolling as swiftly or as well organized as you guys have", " We are looking forward to you being a part of the Lions organization", "The Offroad Lions will set the benchmark for your sport", all very positive and great things, especially coming from people that have been in or around big organizations with many many years under there belts! So my fellow Lion's I congratulate you in a job well done! The sky's the limit now so lets keep the great work and family going strong. Cory

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