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Well the Ride went pretty Well. Cory, Adam Strom, Jeremy Widener, Kyle ? and Myself. We had 4 Tracked Can-ams and Kyle on his sled. We started off at 55 mile trail becasue for some reson Cory wanted to go up it...Welll I was breaking trail, and didnt want to go up the nasty part, so I went to the left. Got my back track caught on a small stump and the track came off. Then Adam somehow got caught in the rut on the main trail and put his on its side. After that disaster, we headed back up the trail. Didnt get far because of the snow drifts going up the hills, so we decided to turn around and head out to scout the Olympia. A litle ways down the trail, we ran into the frozen river. (on the drive up Cory noticed some open water on teh chena and was worried that there would be open water up the trail) With that being said boy wonder decided to "stop for a smoke break" on the ice. I wasnt to keen on that Idea and wanted to get off the ice, special with 5000 lbs of machines and people in a 20 ft spot. Cory decided he was going to start jumping up and down on the ice and heard the hollownes and cracking sound so we go off that real quick. We went a ways up and decided to turn around becasue we were loosing daylight. On the way back Cory was winding through some trees and got his back fender flare and hand guard on a tree...I found the Handguard on the trail and chuckled to my self. Got back to the Hot springs and Cory and I had a refreshment and told lies!!! All and all we had a good time.
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