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rbryantw 06-06-2014 11:41 AM

Outdoors & Recreation Survey for Interior Residents
Hey wheelers,
My name is Bryant Wright- I am a grad student in the UAF School of Natural Resources and Extension. I am doing thesis research for the BLM and other agencies about recreation needs in the Interior/Fairbanks area. Please take a look and fill out this survey about your offroading experiences and needs, or tell us about anything else you would like to do. This survey is actually fun to fill out and will have a pretty big audience, so it's a great place to share your aspirations. Also, there's a good chance of winning some gift certificates.
Access the survey here:

Here's some more info...
Interior Alaska Community Recreation Study:
In order to help provide the best opportunities for the recreation we desire, local land and recreation managers need to hear and understand our preferences. The University of Alaska Fairbanks, School of Natural Resources and Extension has partnered with the Bureau of Land Management, Eastern Interior Field Office to examine how Fairbanks area residents as a whole hope to benefit from recreation in Interior Alaska. This research differs from previous studies in the following ways:
1. We are interested in recreation on ALL land in and near the Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB), not just one site.
2. You can describe what you WANT to do for recreation, not just what you usually do based on existing opportunities.
3. We have coordinated with many agencies (e.g., FNSB Parks and Recreation Department, Alaska DNR State Parks, US Army Fort Wainwright) to ensure we address a breadth of relevant issues and have a wide distribution of results.

We will administer a comprehensive online survey from May 1 -June 30, 2014 to gather information about local demand for recreation. Hopefully this community-based approach can facilitate more cooperative and effective planning in order to better provide the benefits we desire from our public places.

The survey is a fun way to describe your outdoor recreation trips, routines and goals. Its success relies on lots of honest information that accurately represents our community.

By taking the survey, you will be eligible to win a $30 gift certificate to your choice of Beaver Sports or Frontier Outfitters! A total of twenty gift certificates will be awarded.

Contact Peter Fix, pjfix@alaska.edu; or Bryant Wright, rbwright@alaska.edu; for questions or more information.

Access the survey here:

Thanks in advance for your participation!

rbryantw 06-27-2014 08:36 AM

Last call for surveys on Monday, June 30th!
Don't forget, the recreation survey closes after this Monday, June 30th!

Remember to fill out a survey and that you may describe multiple trips. Time is running out- tell your friends!
Go to: http://snras.blogspot.com/2014/06/in...on-survey.html to take the survey.
Also, check out the great write-up by Tim Mowry in the News Miner:
Thanks for your participation!

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